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Paid Customer Support Options:

CommonGround Softworks offers a standard 90 days of technical support, from the date the registration keys are sent to the customer. Technical support during this period will be included in the purchase price and covers installation and basic operational characteristics. Email Technical support is recommended at first -- support at our company domain Telephone support is available at 508.947.9950 x3 from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. On-site technical support is NOT included.

Support beyond the 90 day period shall be billed at a rate of $90/hr. The customer must sign a written agreement before extended support is provided. Support during this period may include project development, at the customer's discretion.

There is no formal support for the Lite version, other than the Qilan List.

Qilan Lite Support Options:

Qilan Lite is free, so support is limited to what the Qilan community will provide and the resources on our web site. Sample Qilan Projects are posted in the Qilan demonstration area and are provided with the download. Additional information is available on our Qilan Tech Note area (which features a Tech Note database). The full Qilan manual is available with the download. Older versions are available below as an Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) file. There is no formal support for the Lite version, other than the Qilan List.

Qilan List

A Qilan E mail Discussion list is available for users and for folks giving Qilan a tryout.

To subscribe to the Qilan list or the digest version of the list, send your request to our support email address at

Qilan Documentation ARCHIVE (PDF Reference files):

Current documentation is included with the shipping version download.

Qilan 2.8.1 Manual - 11.1 MB (.pdf; http)

ReadMe_Qilan 2.8.1 - 8K (.pdf; http)

Guide to Backend SQL Databases v1.1a - 1.7 MB (.pdf, sit., ftp) SQL database reference material

Qilan Tutorial v1.5 using Helix - 7.3 MB (sit, ftp) Includes the Qilan project and Helix collection

Qilan Tutorial v1.2 - Session Server - 2.4 MB (sit, ftp) user login and page access controls, see this demo.

Qilan Tutorial v1.1 - 4.1 MB (sit,ftp) generic Qilan Tutorial

Qilan 2.0.2 Release Notes - 8K (.pdf; http)

Qilan 2.0.1 Manual - 5.1 MB (.pdf; http)

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