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CronniX - CronniX is a little tool to edit and install a "crontab". It runs on MacOS X 10.0. For those who don't know what crontab is, see "man crontab" in the Terminal for more details. In short, it's a scheduler that allows you to run shell commands or scripts at certain times or intervals. It's a very powerful tool.

YourSQL - A simple and quick MySQL database client for the MacOSX operating system. Free and easy to use.

xFiles - xFiles allows you to change the HFS+ type and creator, filename, Posix owner and group, modification date, and permissions of files you drop on it.

Source Code

In Qilan versions prior to 2.5, we used some Open Source code from the FreeTDS project to build our MS SQL JDBC adapter. In accordance with the license agreement, our final modified driver code is posted for public availability.


Qilan version 2.5 uses the Open Source ThinWeb FreeTds driver. Source code for our modifications will be posted shortly.

Other References:

Qilan 2.0 is able to use Twofish block encryption between Apache and back end databases. You can read about Twofish at the Counterpane Labs website.

We are building up our reference library and links to OS X server related topics.

Mac OS X Server: Documentation Sources

The Stepwise site is a good source for Mac OS X tools and news.

FrontBase has a good reference for SQL 92 and related technical topics., for information about FastCGI and configuration parameters., for information about Apache and configuration parameters.

The Web Developer's Virtual Library

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