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The next step is create HTML forms that allow users to interact with the database. Webtemplates are used to both format HTML and insert data processing tags ('Q' tags).

A webtemplate provides for HTML formatting and the placement of Q tags. Note how we log in to the database using the 'QLOGIN' tag, identifying the Access. HTML formatting is performed using an outline approach with drag and drop tags. Qilan insures proper syntax. Qilan can also import existing HTML files.

When the first form is submitted (note the FORM Action: "cartcheckout2"), we return a webtemplate.

This webtemplate contains the complete logic for how the data is to be evaluated. We first ask if the data is valid. If yes, then login to the database. Then we ask if the customer exists. If yes, then update the customer record; if no, then create a new customer record.

"ValidCusInfo" is our first evaluation statement. The evaluation is done by Qilan without a database login. If the customer submittal is valid, we login to the database and update/enter a new record, otherwise we return an error.

The evaluation expression is performed with the Abacus.


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