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November 1, 2000 - Qilan Technical Note #6

Subject: Qilan implementation with Frontbase version 2.18

Recent testing has shown that Enterpise Object Framework changes in this release of Frontbase can result in errors when a FrontBase database is accessed by Qilan. Symptoms of the problem are an inabilty to import and export schema from Qilan. Errors also occur when access is attempted via a web browser and qilan.cgi. The browser will return an Apache server error. The Apache error log will contain entries of this nature:

Nov 01 13:39:50 qilan.cgi[685] *** Permanent defaults set in the standard user defaults instance will not be saved, and the stored application domain defaults are not available
dyld: qilan.cgi Undefined symbols:


Frontbase version 2.18 ships with EOF adaptors for WebObjects 4.5. Older versions have EOF adaptors for WebObjects 4.0.1.

Short term solutions:

-Install a version 15 or earlier Frontbase Framework package. Contact us or Frontbase for a copy of the .pkg

-Revert to an earlier version of Frontbase.

 Long term solution:

The good folks at Frontbase have informed us that with FrontBase 2.19, both adaptors will be included in the .mpkg.

Authored by: Phil McNamara

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