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June 9, 2000 - Qilan Technical Note #3

Subject: Remote Export of WebTemplates - Sample QRun Script

The following script (when saved as an executable) will open a Qilan project with, export all webtemplates, then quit. It is designed to be used when updating a project remotely and webtemplates need to be updated/created. It has the same effect as opening a Qilan project with, choosing 'Export HTML' from the File menu, then quitting.

This script should be invoked AFTER replacing a project on a remote machine. It may be accessed using a remote terminal (with proper access and/or user permissions) or integrated as part of a QRUN.

Under normal conditions, the script returns nothing (status = 0).



#Qilan version 1.0.1 and higher

/Local/Applications/ -exportAllHTML YES [path to project]


Replace the [path to project] with the complete path to the project followed by the project name. Case matters!

For example: /Local/Library/QilanProjects/MyProject.qprj

Where 'MyProject.qprj' is the project name.

Except for the first line, all lines starting with a '#' are comments. The first line is required.

The script should be saved as plain text, then using the content inspector, make it executable with correct permissions. Remember, if you are running this from a browser, the user is 'WWW'.

After you save the script as an executable, you call it by its path/name in the QRUN command line. For example: /Local/Library/ExecutableScript


1. All scripts need to end with a carrige return, otherwise the last line will not be processed.

2. If you are using BBEdit on the Mac OS to create your scripts, you should save them with UNIX line breaks. Click OPTIONS in the Save dialog.

Authored by: Stephen Caine

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