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May 17, 2000 - Qilan Technical Note #1

Subject: Simple Use of the QRun tag

Place the contents of a file into the webtemplate:

The command 'cat' will retrieve the contents of ANY file and use stdout to return it to Qilan.
The QRUN tag is used to create the command and accept the output. On your command line, type the following:
Location of the 'cat' command (full path)
Command to be executed
Command arguments (optional)
Location of the file to be ouput (full path)
Example: /bin/cat /test
Where '/bin/cat' is the path to 'cat', the name of the executable file to be run; and '/test' is the path to the file to be output ('test'). Use spaces to separate the command elements.
Any text you write will be output exactly as you create it, including HTML tags. If you use tags, insure all HTML includes closing tags, otherwise Qilan may error or inadvertently reveal private information about your web site.
If you want the text to appear exactly as you have typed it, including carriage returns and tabs, use the PRE tag. Use HTML tags available in the webtemplate for this purpose. HTML normally strips carriage returns and tabs.
To insert a client side script, such as JavaScript, you must create a complete script, including the opening SCRIPT and closing SCRIPT tags. Qilan does not allow the insertion of QRUN or QVALUE inside a webtemplate SCRIPT element.
The file to be inserted must be located on your UFS disk.
If you want to insert HTML, make sure you omit all tags preceding, and including, the BODY tag. These tags are automatically output by Qilan.
You can use Qilan logic to retrieve specific files based on designer conditions. Use an abacus to output the command line.

Have fun.

Authored by: Stephen Caine

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