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CommonGround Softworks Inc. Announces
Qilan™ 2.0 for Mac OS X

HOOKSETT, NEW HAMPSHIRE – May 17, 2001 – CommonGround Softworks Inc. today announces the release of Qilan 2.0 for Mac OS X.

Qilan 2.0 is a significant upgrade to our web application development environment. We have improved the transaction handling performance and added access to additional SQL databases using Java standards based technology. A web application developer who is interested in OS X now has a time efficient tool to build data-driven web sites. The Qilan graphical user environment provides the power and flexibility of working in a code level language without syntax problems and better construction speed.

Some of the significant new features are:

  • Fast cgi capability
  • Session server
  • 128 bit data block cipher encryption (TwoFish) available between the datasource and the web server
  • Like pattern matching
  • Improved Date and Time constant handling
  • Improved html controls for data iteration in Qilan tables
  • Creates data relationships "on-the-fly"
  • Uses JDBC database connectivity
  • Improved flexibility of Qilan tag placement in a web page template

Qilan works well with a growing supply of open source and commercial web development tools. Web hosting providers can use Tenon Intersystems iTools 6.0 with Qilan 2.0 to provide secure eCommerce and commercial quality content delivery. Qilan has an added benefit for security conscious providers and developers. Data can be stored in their back end databases as encrypted strings. Local and web based access to sensitive data in a database can be better controlled.

Existing Qilan owners have reduced pricing available for this Qilan upgrade. Our overall pricing has been reduced for Mac OS X along with the inclusion of database adapters that were separately available under Qilan 1.X.

Qilan 2.0 currently supports the following databases:

  • Frontbase
  • Helix Rade
  • MS SQL Server
  • Openbase
  • Paradox

CommonGround Softworks Inc. develops software focused on Internet database connectivity for the Mac OS.

Qilan is a trademark of CommonGround Softworks Inc. OpenBase is a registered trademark of OpenBase International Ltd. FrontBase is a trademark of Frontbase. Mac OS X is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Press Contacts:
Philip McNamara
CommonGround Softworks Inc.

Stephen Caine
CommonGround Softworks Inc.

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